Emergency Operations Planning

Having an established and adopted plan before an emergency is essential to response and recovery missions. It serves as a common operating platform and sets the baseline of operations for a given jurisdiction. In fact, having a strong and well-communicated plan in place for response operations can save lives.

ReComm takes an all-hazards approach when working with our private and public sector clients to assist in the development of emergency operation plans. By taking a comprehensive approach to plan development, the professionals at ReComm assist clients in developing an Emergency Operations Plan to:

  • Determine current capabilities and designate personnel and organizations that can execute activities at projected times and locations during an emergency that existing resources cannot sustain;
  • Outline organizational leadership and the process of implementing delegations of authority during an emergency;
  • Plan for the protection of life and property;
  • Identify existing resources and mutual aid partnerships that may provide support during an emergency; and
  • Serve as a guide to response and recovery activities.